Sunday, 3 May 2020

Men's Land ... Upcoming Book

In the past decades, in the present date, 
We have been living like a dead shell. 
How far we will live like a slave? 
In the valley of hell.  

The buzz of only one sound, 
It has been getting louder. 
The chorus sound is in,  
Maximum hertz of maximum decibels.

We are becoming deaf, 
The cruelty still crush, thrash, harass, 
And we are sleeping, 
Like a dead stone. 

 The leaves tremble, 
When the clouds become coal, 
Then how can we step,  
Free surrounding of sour soul. 

 This is the hell, 
The men’s dominant villages, cities, 
Streets, states and countries. 
How we will step? 

 O! are we forget!  
Draupadi, Sita and Padmawati. 
Had they saved?  
By the fortune or the miracle. 

 Tarabai Shinde's endeavors to erase the evil of society. 
Ramabai Ranade's voices to harmonize human, 
Where the term of equality gone? 
Why there is a red zone? 

Forget that we were Marie Curie, 
We were Indra, Phule, Holkar, 
Chawla to Teresa  … ...  
And still we will so many more.  

 Oh! This is Kalyug 
No Krishna will appear, 
No Hanuman,  
No Ram.  

 Where we will hide? 
In the oyster shell, 
In the city of hell,  
Optimize with the odds.  

 You drag,  
You choke,  
You oppress and kill, 
And we see, like a dead shell.  

 Don't wear Pyjamas, 
Don't wear skirts, 
Don't wear jeans, 
Hide your parts. 

 They appear skinny legs, 
They appear the bare legs, 
They appear the sexy legs, 
They appear the nude legs. 

Put on vermilion, 
Wear burka, 
But still are we safe, 
Under the chastity cage.  
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